Minggu, 15 Januari 2017

Katalog Promo Alfamart Terbaru 2017

Katalog Promo Alfamart Terbaru 2017 - or a web diary Content managament system Online publishing platform A typical blog has the following components Post date the date and time of the blog entry Category the category that the blog belongs to Title the title of the blog Main body the main content of the blog RSS and trackback links the blog back from other sites Comments commentaries that are added by readers Permalinks the URL of the full article Other optional items calendar, archives, blogrolls, and add ons or plug ins A blog can also have a footer, usually Promo Alfamart found at the bottom of the blog, that shows the post date, the author, the category, and the stats the nubmer of comments or trackbacks. There are numerous types of blogs. Some of them are the following 1. Political blog on news, politics, activism, and other issue based blogs such as campaigning. 2. Personal blog also known as online diary that may include an individual s day to day experience, complaints, poems, and illicit thoughts, and communications between friends. 3. Topical blog with focus either on a particular niche function or position that is usually technical in nature or a local Katalog Promo Alfamart Terbaru 2017 information. 4. Health blog on specific health issues. Medical blog is a major category of health blog that features medical news from health care professionals andor actual patient cases.

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